Looking Into A Child’s Eyes

When I look into the child’s eyes
I can see the love
I can see the fear
I can see the sadness
I can see the pain

I have to explain
as to why
the only medicine that will help that child
is not available to them

I have to stand back
and watch
as the disease takes hold

I have to explain
that the government is playing a game

that game is the same
as the child plays
with her brothers and sisters
her friends

they are playing dress up
let’s pretend

that cannabis
has no medicinal use
that it’s harmful
that it causes mental health problems
that it destroys communities

we have to pretend
that its not really them doing these things

then we repeatedly ask
for permission
even though we know its a game

we play along
we join in

I watch the life
slowly ebb away
the child can’t make sense of it
as their body is dying

they can’t get it
over and over again
around in loops

why are the adults playing
why are they playing dress up

while I’m dying
they are playing games

my mum and dad
they are also dying

they are being forced
to be
a criminal
to break the law
just to give

one chance
one chance to live
one chance to be free

free from the pain
free from fear
free from sickness
free from this disease

which has
taken over our society
which is eating them up
from inside

please can I be given
the opportunity
to live

to live a life
free from

replace it
with love
with happiness

with my medicine
is all the child asks
this is our right as a human

to improve
our standard of living
to improve our quality of life

how can I explain
to the dying child?

I write this in memory of all the beautiful children who are no longer with us RIP beautiful angels


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