Sarah Sativa and Rick Simpson on The Peoples Radio

Well worth a listen to really and ask yourself in what direction do you want to see cannabis as a medicine go?  The choices you make for your treatment, if you have cancer should be based as much as possible on research and not rooted in fear or conspiracies.


Lets Talk; guests Rick Simpson, Yvonne, Sarah, Beccy, hosted by Martin Farrell.  The Peoples Internet Radio 27/10/2015

Anyone deciding to discontinue the use of pharmaceutical medications, should seek the advice of someone medically trained or experienced in this area if possible. Each one of us is an individual and the amount and kind of oil varies for individuals and not necessarily cancer type according to research by Dr Cristina Sanchez, Molecular biologist from Madrid University.

When using cannabis oil for cancer, dosing can be another important factor especially for those who have never used cannabis before. We have worked very hard over the years  to research cannabis as a medicine.  Cannabis oil is a treatment not a cure, this is a very important factor, once cancer goes into complete remission it is vital to carry on with a maintenance dose. This means you will be using cannabis oil for the rest of your life, as part of a treatment program for cancer.

Cannabis alone is not always enough, that’s why it’s necessary to support the body in other ways. People are fast realizing that diet, other herbs and in some cases pharmaceutical medications, can also play a very important role in treatment, along with dealing with any emotional issues. We treat everyone as an individual, therefore we also implement principles based on orthomolecular medicine. This is the foundation, we use, it’s about self empowerment, by putting the resources into the hands of those who need them.

Cannabinoids have different temperatures which they vaporise at some of these are listed below. This is only a small number of cannabinoids, last I heard there were around 113, this method could potentially leave some behind or extract different ratios. I would be very interested in testing this oil, I know it will be great for some conditions, but for cancer we would want to see this type of oil tested first.

THC – 157 °C.

CBD – 160 – 180 °C

Delta-8-THC – 175 – 178 °C.

CBN – 185 °C.

CBC – 220 °C.

THCV – 220 °C.

This article shows the results of tested vape oil


Please let me know if you have used this type of oil with success?


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