Elemental Evolution with Sarah Sativa

Sherri Wisdom speaks with Sarah Sativa about cannabis, energies, psychoactive drugs and putting the world to rights.  This interview was on The Peoples Internet Radio, Sherri is on every Saturday night at 11pm BST.


Sherri Wisdom


I really enjoyed doing this interview, Sherri is a beautiful intelligent, woman and it was an honour to be interviewed by her.

This show focused a lot on taking responsibility for self, rather then blaming others, we discussed how the human race is still like a child.  Sherri and I had such a great time we are wanting to do more shows together.





Sarah Sativa


Sarah holds a degree in Marine Biology and has aspired to combine her knowledge of Science and Natural Medicine to create Holistic Health Projects; Healing the Mind and Body ‘Shamballa Crystal’. Sarah has made great strides in bringing awareness about the medicinal use of Marijuana and is inspiring others to have a deeper understanding of a new way of being. Combining the ancient ways with the new vibration this planet offers, it is a great pleasure to have Sarah on the show tonight.. Hope you all enjoy..








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