Amit K Tida talking about his cannabis journey with Sarah Sativa

 Amit K Tida was interviewed when I was still one of the host’s on the Dark City Compassion Club Show.

Amit K Tida is in the process of making a documentary on cannabis and the cannabis community. He has been talking to growers, oil makers, and care givers along his journey and is coming on to talk to us about his adventure. Amit Is also an oil maker and will be sharing his own knowledge and experiences with this too.



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2 thoughts on “Amit K Tida talking about his cannabis journey with Sarah Sativa

  • Thank you for the dosage information. I will start at 25 mg. I suffer from fibromyalgia and neuropathy. I am also weaning off pain medicine and hope this helps with withdrawal symptoms. I want to use suppositories at night. Will they put me to sleep, or how can I expect to feel? Can I take suppositories long term? I want to use for ongoing fibromyalgia daily pain without feeling ” high” . Any other suggestions. I need to be functional with 2 small children and hope to be well enough to return to work in the future.

    Thank you again,
    Pj Jackson

    • Hi Thanks for your inquiry,for pain cannabis can work better when eaten, 25mg at night in a capsule would help sleep and also with any pain. You can build tolerance up by starting slow for 5 days then increasing in accordance to the dosing guide. If you wish to take during the day then suppositories are best if you want to avoid the high. Try the 25mg and maybe up to 50mg, I see no harm in taking this for long periods of time.

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