How to make cannabis oil suppositories

This video demonstrates how to make Cannabis Oil suppositories for someone with cancer

written by Sarah Dougan BSc

 Cannabis can affect people in different ways depending on their health and previous cannabis use.  A combination of both oral administration and suppositories is what a lot of people use, it’s about finding out what works best for you.  When cannabis is used as a suppository, it is absorbed at a steady flow into the body, which is the preferred method for the release of medicine.

It is vitally important for people to build up tolerance levels at a steady rate, this is to prevent the body healing faster than the liver and other organs can keep up with,  for example cell death.  There is a dosing guide at the end of this blog and also at the end of the Video.

Always make sure you have your maths worked out first and everything weighed out before you start making your suppositories. All equipment and hands must be thoroughly cleaned.

It takes a month to reach a gram a day; some people have good results on less so always be open to exploring what works for you.

How To Achieve High Dosing Safely

The starting dose for someone of 75kg at 95% cannabinoids is 25mg , the suppositories are made with 69ml of coconut oil and cocoa mix, to 0.90g of cannabis oil, each suppository is 2ml.

Day 1-15 dose 25mg

This will make 35 suppositories, to be taken over 15 days (refer to dosing guide at the end)

You Will Need                                       003-spuit-in-pot3

0.9g Cannabis Oil

34ml of Coconut Oil

35mls of Cocoa Butter


Suppository mould

2ml Syringes

005-olie-mengen-met-cocoDay 16-20 50mg per dose

This will make 4 suppositories a day, for the next 5 days

1g Cannabis Oil

19ml Coconut Oil

20ml Cocoa Butter


Day 21-25 100mg per dose006-2ml-optrekken

This will make 4 suppositories a day, for the next 5 days

2g Cannabis Oil

19ml Coconut Butter

19ml Cocoa Butter


012-vorm-volDay 26-30 Dose 150mg

This will make 4 suppositories a day, for the next 5 days

3g Cannabis Oil

18ml Coconut Oil

19ml Cocoa Butter

This dosing charts shows how to build up tolerance and safely reach the chosen dose, based on a person weighing 75kg at 95% cannabinoids. Digital scales accurate to 1/1000th can be bought from ebay or amazon.


Chart courtesy of Bud Buddies


When using Cannabis oil for other conditions, oral administration can often be the best and most convenient method. For making into capsules use 17ml of coconut and cocoa mix and 0.9ml Cannabis Oil.  For each capsule use 0.5mls of mixture. keep an eye out for my next video showing this. For pain use 1 capsule at night then as required in a day.
” Remember you can always take more but never less. ”
Be aware, wait at least an hour for full affects.


If you are using blood pressure medication, please be aware that cannabis will lower your blood pressure, so take far apart from the cannabis  and check blood pressure regularly, as it can cause people to faint when taken together.

Please also be aware that cannabis is an insulin regulator, you may find you require less insulin if diabetic.

People have also reported a significant increase in the side affects from steroids, always consult an expert when reducing these.

Do not take large doses to start, as this can cause heart palpitations  and extreme anxiety, both of which will pass especially when administered orally.

Large doses can cause rapid healing, which can possibly cause stress to the body, including headaches nausea and fever.

These photos were taken in Spain, where the law regarding cannabis is different to countries like the UK, I in no way encourage people break the law in any country.


where to buy Moulds



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