Sarah Sativa at the Radical Herb Gathering 3-5 June 2016

Rad-Herb-Fist-CircleThe Radical Herb Gathering is an event I have wanted to go to for years, a friend of mine has done workshops there over the years and it always sounded amazing.  I love things which are radical, such as solutions to health and environmental issues all while camping and meeting lots of like minded people.  The herb Gathering takes place in a great spot in a field in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. I love camping outside and as this is a 3 day event, I was so looking forward to living here in my bell tent.  This event is, as you can see from the title all about herbs, the environment and lots of other stuff.  Take a look at the program and you can see for yourself the variety of workshop and talks they have.  Here is the program from 2016  The Radical Herb Gathering is run by a collective of people who are flexible and new members are welcome at all times.

I thought as cannabis is a herb, it would be a great event for me to do a workshop, to bring cannabis back with all the other herbs, where it belongs.  I saw this as a great opportunity to demonstrate my work and it was an honour, when they made space for my workshop.

Medicinal Cannabis In the UK with Sarah Dougan.
This wor2016-06-04 17.27.54kshop was looking at medical cannabis in the UK, with particular focus on cancer. There is a growing number of people with cancer turning to cannabis oil as a treatment in the UK, this workshop was looking at ways of going about this, how to make Cannabis oil and also how to use it, what support networks there are out there for people and where the best places are to get advice.  I covered the pitfalls of  the cannabis oil industry in the UK. I was also talking about the bringing together of medical cannabis patients through different organisations in the UK.


Even though I have spoken at lots of events and also done countless radio shows about cannabis, I was 2016-06-05 15.28.02very nervous of speaking at this event so invited my friend Helen Ansell to come and keep me company and share my bell tent.  It was hard work to unload the car but luckily they provided a wheel barrow to make it easier.  We were very impressed with our tent putting up skills hahaha.

This is a very popular event with a lot of very knowledgeable people who love and live herbs.  The workshop I was doing had a 2 hour slot on the Saturday afternoon, it was a very hot weekend and I remember thinking before hand if it was possibly to hot for me in the tent my workshop was held in.  However  I needn’t have worried as the sides to the tent were lifted and before long I forgot about the heat with the breeze.

2016-06-04 17.29.17All the workshops over the weekend were very popular and so was mine, I was very happy with the turn out.  It was amazing how many people came and also took notes and asked very interesting questions.  I explained what it was like for cancer patients searching high and low in the UK for cannabis, how they can end up being scammed and also how they take cannabis for cancer.  I loved every minute of it and went from thinking I might not have enough information to thinking how am I going to fit it all in!  It is vital to get this knowledge  get out there so people can use cannabis as a medicine safely and at the correct dosage.  I met some amazing people over the weekend, some I’m still in touch with and others who are still getting in touch now, quite a while after the event.  I had an amazing time and would definitely go back to learn more from the other workshops and to also share my work with these amazing people.  This event was great from the food they provided to the information stalls, to the beautiful scenery.  I definitely hope to return.



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