How to safely find and use cannabis oil in the treatment of cancer

One of the first things you have to consider is what you want to achieve from using cannabis oil, is it to run alongside conventional treatment, to be taken as the main treatment or to lessen the symptoms of your cancer?  How much you take would mainly be influenced by either using to lessen symptoms or if treating the actual cancer.  For the treatment of cancer many people are using a gram a day, this can vary as some use less while others use more. Using cannabis oil for symptoms the amount can also vary depending on the symptom it is being used for, nausea or pain for example. Cannabis can be administrated in different ways which also effects the amount used.  Then there’s the actual sourcing of your medicine, how to make it, where to get it from, how to take it, its a mine field out there.

Cannabis in a lot of countries is still illegal, which leaves you open to an unregulated market with a lot of people out there wanting to make as much money out of you as they can, and others who don’t actually know what they are doing by giving advice that they are simply not qualified to give.  You must go forward with caution and if possible make your own, this is the easiest and cheapest way to guarantee your oil. Cannabis oil in the UK can be anything from £30 a gram upwards, but you should never be paying more than £60 a gram.  To make cannabis oil you need the raw material which is cannabis indica, 1 ounce will make between 2.5-4 grams depending on your cannabis.  The street value of 1 ounce is anywhere between £130-£280 depending on where you live and who you know.   If you grow your own, you can put a grow on outside in the summer for the cost of the seeds, the nutrients, water and the time you put in.  The more expensive option is an indoor grow which is the only option for most, this can be done all year round.

Cannabis indica

The amount of cannabis you would need to grow would also depend on what you are going to use it for.  A good grow shop can advice you of a set up within your price range, and seeds can be bought off the internet as they are legal in UK.  The growing of cannabis can take anything from 3 months depending on the techniques and strains that are used.  A lot of people do not have this luxury and require cannabis as quickly as possible.  The best option available for these people is to either find the cannabis and make their own oil, or to source the oil.  This too has its pit falls with finding the right type, for cancer treatment people use an indica strain.  The type of cannabis may not be known, it might also be covered in pesticides, insecticides or mold.  When cannabis is grown on big scale or by an amateur they might not always carry out the process known as flushing.  Flushing is when water is just given to the plants for a prolonged period so the chemicals from the nutrients or released by the plant.  If growing in the UK keep under 9 plants as it is less likely to be seen as a commercial grow used for money making.


Cannabis Oil in a syringe

Buying the oil can also be scary business, there is a lot of scammers out there making money off desperate  people.  They are over selling their oils and some go as far as bullying and threatening people into buy their oil.  Going to an oil seller who you have been referred to, or has been recommended by someone you can trust, or finding one who has a good reputation is always a good start.  If their oil is more than previously stated in the blog ask them why and see if they can explain.  Cannabis oil can be made from cannabis bud (flowers), cannabis trim, cannabis leaf or hash, all of these oils will work but without knowing the THC content it can make it harder to dose.  What your oil is made out of will also effect the price, bud being the most expensive and leaf the least expensive.


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There is a lot of reputable people out there providing cannabis oil which has been tested, and who will point you in the right direction in regard to dosing.  As I’ve stated before it is vitally important that you do not start on to high a dose, always follow the dosing guide and see how you feel.  I have added the guide again (pictured left) this shows how it can take a month to reach 1 gram a day, for more info on this look at blog how to take cannabis oil.  A lot of people do get great results using less Cannabis oil, so its about finding out what works best for you.  Some cancers are looking like they respond better to different ratios,  this is another reason why its good to know your THC and CBD levels.

Once you start this journey it gets less and less scary.  You begin to see what works for you and it becomes part of your daily routine, cannabis is not a guarantee but it is a chance for some.  It will  give better quality of life, for others its will extend their lives and for some it will be the answer to their prayers.

I hope this blog can assist people, please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.  It’s best not to ask too many different people for advice, as everyone has their own ways and methods especially when it comes to growing.  Often these different methods can seem to contradict one another so it can be confusing, in this way too many cooks can spoil the broth.


Medical Disclaimer

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  • Dear Sarah ,
    First of all how beautiful that you do this fir people that are at th mercy of doctors and endless amounts of medication ,
    My name is Christine kennnedy I have COPD ,under active thyroid , aspergellious ,and February last year I had an heart attack ,I was hoping you could point me in the direction of someone who could make the oil for me ,
    I struggle from day to day with breathlessness no energy ,I have used the oil for a while and there was a vast improvement in my health …but they are unable to supply it any longer .
    I hope you can point me in the right direction Sarah …xxx

  • Thank you for your guidence! My reason for needing it is for my son who is suffering severe IBS anxiety and depression and has done for 8 years and has no quality of life at all and is in pain with cramps daily I just need to know where and who to purchase from?? And I need help like yesterday

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