Sarah Sativa at Spannabis 2018

This was the first ever Spannabis I had been too, I have wanted to go for years and finally got there this year. We went via train as parking in Barcelona is not easy and with the toll roads it ends up costing quite a lot. The traffic in and around Barcelona can also be busy, Barcelona has a great metro system, buses and taxis. We got there on the Thursday evening to our rented apartment so we could be up bright and early for all the fun the following day. We arrived at 20.30 at Barcelona station and got a taxi to our apartment. Once there we unpacked and went for food, there’s plenty of places to pick from in this beautiful city. We decided to get food at a local bar and a glass of wine. Then headed back to the apartment.


We all got up bright and early 2 of are crew had been quite a few times before while me and my friend  had never been before.  We got to the venue and seemed to miss all the big queues.  As we were just going for the Friday and Saturday we decided to get a day ticket, with this you get an information booklet which has all the stalls in it and conferences.  Once inside the venue we saw how big it was it consisted of  indoor spaces, food outside in a square and a stage where live music was played.

photo courtesy of Tyler Green from ismoke

We bumped into quite a few people from the UK cannabis community some old friends and also met some new ones.  We took a walk around the stalls so much to see so many seed stalls, book stalls, grow equipment stalls.  There was no way you could get to see everything in one day the Friday is one of the least crowded days of Spannabis.  We made the most of this and looked around as much as possible.  To me it had a real festival feel and the live music in the square was amazing, there was food stalls in the square too and a seating area, which was needed after all the walking around I ended up doing.

Every one was consuming cannabis so there was a nice relaxed atmosphere.  There was even some dabbing stations on site like the one over to the left.  This one had a selection of different types of extracts you could sample.  Extracts are great for a lot of conditions as they ease pain, spasms, and aid sleep and stimulate appetite.

One thing I noticed was how much CBD products were there, it is amazing to see how this market is growing more each day.  There was CBD oils, colthes and food.  Once it started getting cold as we were tired we headed back to our apartment ready for the Saturday.

The Saturday was a lot busier then the Friday you could hardly move in comparison I was excited though as Manuel Guzman PhD speak.  Manuel Guzman is a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Complutense University.  Since the end of the  nineties he turned his research to the study of how cannabis active compounds (cannbinoids) at in the body, with special emphasis on the molecular basis of that action and on understanding how these compounds effect the cell generation and survival.  I was just gutted my Spanish isn’t very good but what I did understand was fascinating.  Manuel is on of the pioneers of recent scientific studies into cannabinoids so you can image how happy I was.  There was a lot of other great speakers about medical cannabis again most spoke Spanish being that Spannabis is an Spanish event.

I promised everyone on my facebook page and group that I would do a live video, as I hadn’t done one in a while I was pretty nervous and left it too the last minute.  Once I started I realized how much fun it actually was and did two.  Sadly the second one got cut off at the end before I finished but it has inspired me to do more.

Here is my first one hope you all enjoy it


I really did enjoy every minute of Spannabis and know exactly what to expect for my next one, so I will be a lot more organized.  I got lots of seeds met lots of great people.  I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.  Its a good place to see equipment on offer for your medical grows.  To get good deals on seeds and advice for your medical grows it can be a bit over whelming for people who are new to the cannabis world which a lot of people whn suddenly become ill turn to cannabis for the first time.

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