A beginners guide; How to dose and administer Cannabis Oil

First time patients regularly ask me, “what do I do with it?”  To make this easier, I’ve written this “how to” guide. But please remember everyone has their own ways of using their oil and its about finding what works best for you.

Patients usually buy their Cannabis Oil on the black market, so may not be aware how much THC is present in their oil.  THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychotropic effects or “high”. Some people are very sensitive to THC while others have a higher tolerance. Ideally you should ask your supplier if they have any test results so you can calculate your starting dose easily. However not everyone will have access to testing. I can arrange laboratory testing for you, please just contact me for further information or to arrange testing.  Take a look at Testing Of Cannabis Oil for further information on the importance of testing.  You can also purchase a home testing kit.

Full extract cannabis oil (FECO) is much stronger then raw cannabis. Raw cannabis contains approximately 11% to 25% THC, while FECO contains 50% to 80%.  Most first time patients I speak with have never used raw cannabis before never mind FECO.
For those with a high sensitivity, it can be an overwhelming experience.  A negative first experience can discourage patients from continuing their treatment. As such I always recommend starting on a low dose and working your way up slowly, this process is called titration. If you are new to cannabis and FECO, please remember you can always take more but you can’t reduce the quantity you have ingested. I always recommend starting with one drop, one to two hours before bed then gradually titrating up to full dose.

FECO is a golden colour, it can also have more of a red colour, however you don’t want it to be green. The green colour comes from Chlorophyll, which in high doses may cause diarrhea. It will also lower the cannabinoid content of the oil. It should not be too runny or smell of solvent. You can test for solvents by putting a naked flame to the oil, if it bubbles or ignites solvent is present. Solvents and other contaminants can also be tested for, please refer to Testing Of Cannabis Oil.

FECO normally comes in a syringe for ease of use. 1ml of FECO is approximately 1 gram in weight. When you are starting I would advice starting with an order of 1 gram, this way you can start treatment and see how it works for you.

Once you have your oil, then it’s time to decide how you want to administer it. The two options I recommend are orally or as a suppository.  Many start orally, then go on to use suppositories, as they reduce the psychotropic effects and you get the highest absorption rate from your FECO. I advise for those using FECO for cancer and other conditions where high doses are recommended, if you want to use suppositories, take at least 50% of your treatment orally.  Suppositories made with a water soluble polybase will have a better bioavailability, I am presently working on my own range of water soluble suppositories  .For more information, please refer to me guide; How To Make Cannabis Oil Suppositories

Now lets talk about capsules. By knowing how strong your FECO is, you can calculate the dosage per capsule. I always say for 60% THC and below 10mg per capsule will be a good strength for the beginner. 1 gram of FECO will make 100 capsules at a strength of 10mg.  For best bioavailability use enteric capsules as this will be broken down in the small intestine rather then the stomach where your FECO is partially degraded by the stomach acid. Please refer to my guide; How To Make Cannabis Oil Capsules. Some suppliers will make capsules for you at a nominal cost.


If your FECO is stronger then 60% THC or you don’t know the strength, I recommend the use of a dropper bottle (I use 10ml bottles).  Start on 1 drop 1 to 2 hours before bed, sublingually (under the tongue).  Please refer to How To Make Cannabis Oil Drops.

Don’t be tempted to start with a higher dose, start with one drop to see how sensitive you are to FECO if ok try 2 following night go to maxium of 5 drops for 5 days.  If sensitive build up a drop every 5 days at night until 5 drops reached. This process of titration ensures you will find your optimal dose without wasting FECO or experiencing unpleasant effects.  Once you have ingested your oil wait a least two hours for full effect before taking another dose.  When you build up like this you can then start following dosing guide by Bud Buddies if you can tolerate those increases if not stick with dropper.  You can make your dropper you can start with a 10% eg 1 gram FECO into 10ml then 2 gram into 10ml.

Good luck and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information.



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