Durham 420 Event 2019

As many people know, one of the most important dates on the cannabis calendar is the 20th of April. Which is commonly referred to as 420.

People will light a spiff, smoke a blunt, have vape or take a dab at 420. You might ask what is this 420 all about?

The story says that the term was first used in 1971, by a group of five San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos – by virtue of their chosen hang-out spot, a wall outside the school. Given this was in America, they say their dates differently, we say 20/4 and they say 4/20.  The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet. Due to legalities they developed their own discreet language, they made 420 code, for a time to get high. The term spread among members of an entire generation. Followed by a chain of events that led to groups meeting to smoke on 4/20 at 4:20 on college campuses across the USA.

Now 40 years later, major cities and towns celebrate this date by smoking and getting together. In the UK the biggest, most well known and probably longest running event is in Hyde Park. Where there is literally a cloud of smoke above the event all day.  There will be events in Durham, Swansea, Leeds and Manchester to name but a few.

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This year I have been invited to speak at Durham 420. Which given the line up, is a great personal honour for me.  If you can, why not come along not only to meet me, but to enjoy the unique atmosphere and meet other great guests and like minded people.  This great event has been organised by  Simpa Carta from Durham Cannabis Club and Kerri Simpson from Medical Cannabis Advice UK and it’s set to be a great day for all who attend.

Speakers so far at Durham 42o

I’m most looking forward to hearing Deryn Blackwell speak. Given it seems he is only here and alive due to his mother, Callie Blackwell giving him cannabis oil. That Deryn is still here to tell his story, warms my heart. Stories like his and many others are a major reason why I do what I do.

This event has anything you can imagine and more, related to cannabis and hemp. Durham 420 offers a perfect blend of education through speakers, entertainment, relaxation and even stalls.  Durham Cannabis Club are looking for sponsors and stall holders. If your’e interested please contact the team on one of the links below.

The events page:


Where to buy tickets:


Durham City Cannabis clubs page:

https://www.facebook.com/DurhamCityCannaClub /

Please feel free to watch this great video about 420 Durham’s up and coming event.


Are you ready for a UK 420 event like never before?!? Do you want to learn more about cannabis, cannabinoids & hemp? Would you like to get involved in the campaign for re-legalisation of cannabis? This year, Durham City Cannabis Club hosts what can only be described as a fresh approach to cannabis/ hemp awareness events…An amalgamation of cannabis & hemp activism; cannabinoid & hemp research; cannabinoid & hemp educational workshops; uplifting entertainment; a whole array of products and services in our cannabinoid & hemp market; live cannabinoid & hemp debates with some of the most influential changemakers in the industry…All available in at a single event, 20th April 2019 in Durham, England…NOT TO BE MISSED!!! *** LIMITED TICKETS ****** SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE ***This is an event where all proceeds will fund an open-source harm reduction centre & also a cannabis club in Durham…To educate the community; offer a base for social care sector services that are struggling to afford their overheads and act as an intermediary for those interested in learning more about cannabinoids & hemp…#Durham420 will feature more than 40 exhibitors, over 12 specialist speakers in our auditorium with live-streamed panel debates; a cannabinoid & hemp educational area; VIP and networking areas, with a full day of presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, development, and distribution of cannabinoid and hemp products and services….The hybrid medicinal; industry and end user event will be open to the public on 20th of April, consumers interested in learning more about cannabinoid benefits to cannabinoid and hemp derived products are invited to attend….Durham 420 is everything the cannabinoid & hemp scene needs, a safe well-established prestigious venue with only the finest full-spectrum of reputable and credible activists; academic researchers; ethical brands, that also focuses on educating cannabinoid / hemp / CBD users and businesses who sell cannabinoid / hemp products to ensure everyone can understand cannabinoids / hemp and their benefits… We understand that there are many stigmas around the words 'cannabis' & 'hemp' and that sourcing good quality cannabinoid / hemp products is an issue people face when trying to understand cannabinoids / hemp and their endocannabinoid system's response to recommended dosage… That’s why we will be testing exhibitors’ cannabinoid products, on-site, through random selection, using an independent laboratory to ensure our exhibitors legitimacy and full compliancy with the industry standard…We think a hybrid medicinal/industry/end user format of the event is sure to appeal to a wide range of attendees and bring some much-needed attention to the cannabinoid / hemp options that so many consumers want to learn about. You will leave Durham 420 with new understanding to help inform your next steps as a consumer, supplier, manufacturer or retailer of cannabinoid / hemp products…This isn’t an event that people attend, everyone says 'goodbye' at the end and that’s it until next year… This event is the start of something special… A community project that will benefit the people of Durham and further afield…An event that will act as a seed…#GrowingTheFuture#Durham420 Early bird tickets available now via: https://tinyurl.com/y2xl2h9uOver 18's with I.D. onlyLIVE MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT // INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS // EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS // REFRESHMENTS // COMPETITIONS // FREE SAMPLES // MARKET STALLS // CLUB MEMBERSHIP // RAFFLEOur guest speakers include:*** Callie Blackwell ****** Professor Mike Barnes ****** Simpa Carter ****** Sarah Sativa ****** Professor Sue Pyrce ****** Trev Coleman ***** Mike Wise ****** Deryn Blackwell ****** Sarah Martin ****** Lee Harris ****** Phil Berriman ****** Michael Fisher ****** Tannine Montgomery ****** Geraldine Woodman ***More details to follow…Please get in touch via inbox if you're interested in getting involved in what will be the most exciting and unique 420 in the UK or e-mail us via: durhamcityccevents@gmail.com

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I will be going live from my Facebook page and I will do my best to record my hero of the event, Deryn.
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