People Are Scared To Plant A Seed

People are scared to plant a seed
They are scared to buy
What they need to grow a seed
Once this seed has reached maturity it has amazing capabilities
It has the potential to kill cancer cells
Ease the symptoms of MS
Stop pain
Regulate hormones, temperature, alkalinity
Strange then really don’t you think
As it can stop children having seizures
It can stop the tremors of Parkinson’s
Ease Tourettes
You would think everyone was going out and getting one of these seeds
Making sure it had enough light and enough dark
That it was warm and well watered
The air flow around it was so good so it could breath well and help prevent it from disease
But instead people are too scared to plant the seed
What they are scared of
More then any disease
Is to have their door kicked down
To have their children taken away
To be locked up in prison unable to work again
The shame of being caught with that plant
That beautiful life giving plant
The prohibition of cannabis is a symptom of the disease of this planet
It’s up to us to plant the treatment to end the fear
Go get them seeds plant them where they are needed
Don’t let the fear prevent you
Don’t wait for permission to have a better life
Sarah Sativa

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