What Has The World Come Too

What’s the world come too
It’s not about love, tolerance and compassion
The one’s in so called charge
Are causing poverty
Are causing destruction
Are causing blame
Are causing infighting
People are up in arms
But what about?
What’s being done for our starving children
The one’s criminalized for having compassion
The big bullies running the country
Getting everyone fighting
Prosecuting people for cannabis
While being the world’s biggest exporters
Denying people access, to a plant which can ease so much pain
Gives quality of life
Yet they do sell it daily
They say it’s legal for medical use
Yet give it to practically no one
A whole industry run underground
By good and bad people
People with cancer, growing their own,
scared the door will come through
What for?
Why is this a bad thing to do?
What has to happen before they let go?
They have no control
Over this
Too many are awake
To the benefits of this plant
Once they remove one another plant is grown
There are stories nearly every day in the media
About the benefits of this plant
Yet still, you can have your kids removed
You can be fined
You can go to prison
Over 90 years after prohibition
This plant is more used than ever
By the police with sick children
By people with cancer
Those struggling with arthritis
They take the risk every day
As the government makes millions
The people know more than the experts
From the practical use every day
Yes more research is needed
Yes more regulation
But no not more prosecution 💓
By Sarah Sativa

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