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When looking to use cannabis therapeutically, it’s important to understand affective methods to ensure a safe and effective means to ease your symptoms.  This article will focus on using a vaporiser for dry herb or concentrates, as opposed to e-cigs witch can also be used.  I personally prefer to vape cannabis, as opposed to smoking it in a joint. Personally, I thought I would never stop smoking tobacco with my cannabis. However, after years of smoking rolling tobacco, I started to feel pain in my lungs and decided it was time for me to stop.  When I stopped, I didn’t smoke anything at all for about 16 months, but then decided it was time to start cannabis again, as my situation changed.  I had started using  a small pipe just to have a little bit at a time.  I then was given a Pax 3 by a friend and now only vape or use cannabis orally.  Vaping basically heats the cannabis while releasing the cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapour which you then inhale.  Smoking on the other hand burns the cannabis and you inhale the by-products from smoke, toxins and free radicals which cause harm.  Tobacco, as we all know, is well documented as being bad for you, and containing cancer causing compounds, ie: carcinogens(1).   Smoking cannabis can even give you tar, which when you are having lung issues, is not exactly something you should do ideally


Vaporiser with herb and shatter Concentrate

The high is different too. The volume of vapour compared to the smoke from combustion (smoking) is also less.  I have noticed there is a big difference between different vaporisers on the market and my advice would be that if this is your choice of cannabis administration, that you do your own research and invest in a good one.  My vaporiser has an app on my phone and I can change the temperature.  A vaporiser will have a section to fill with your herb and/or concentrates.  Some will just do herb, but you can add concentrates as well like in the picture.  I have to purchase a separate part to just smoke concentrates on there own like shatter, waxes, live resins etc.  Concentrates are basically what you get when you extract the compounds from the plant matter using various methods.  Full extract Cannabis Oil is an extract but should not be smoked or vaped as it can contain fats and waxes.



Why would you want to vape Cannabis?

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Vaping is a very fast and effective way to use cannabis, acting almost immediately, which is great for cramps or pain.  Vaping also seems to be the best for way to administer for nausea too, while oral administration doesn’t seem to work so well.  Vaping also means you can use it as and when needed, and dose really easily once you find what works for you.  Smoking cannabis means it burns at a really high temperature, burning off a lot of the terpenes and cannabinoids etc. that you actually get the medical benefits from.  With vaporisers like mine you can adjust the temperature to enhance exactly what you want, for example THC, other cannabinoids, terpenes etc  If you are wanting a strong hit, the higher the temperature the stronger the hit.  The chart to the right shows the temperatures and boiling point of different beneficial compounds in your cannabis herb or extracts.  This can also be helpful depending on what you  have in your vaporiser, if its CBD or CBG, or if you want to relax, ease anxiety or get on with your day when lessening or stopping symptoms.



Vaping for first timers

For nausea, appetite stimulation, fast acting pain relief, or other symptoms, vaping is the best way of consuming cannabis. If you have never tried it before, always start with a very small drag and then wait for about 10 minutes. Then have another drag, and repeat until you find what works for you. To find the actual dose, just count how many extra drags, and decrease by half. This allows for time delay while you work out dosing. It’s also in steps so you don’t get too high.  Different strains will give you different effects, and can affect planning, when it comes to amount needed, symptoms eased or high.  Using concentrates will give a stronger high, as they contain more cannabinoids etc, and less plant matter. Cannabis doses have so many different variables, from tolerance, form and what you are using it for.  People in pain can often tolerate higher doses.



A good place to buy vaporisers and also get advice

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