14th July 2018

About Sarah Sativa


I have always been the type of person who, if you said you had a problem, I would try and find a solution. When I started learning more about cannabis as a medicine, I felt strongly it was the answer for so many people’s health issues.  Since then I have made it my mission to find as much information as I can and put it into a format which people can use, learn and benefit from in a safe manner.

I started learning more about cannabis as a medicine when I was a host on an internet radio, when Rick Simpson had a slot twice a week.  There were so many people who called in to the show, telling their stories about how cannabis helped them and their conditions. It really caught my attention and inspired me to work hard on getting the information out there.  I always knew cannabis had medicinal properties I just didn’t know to what extent or how people could use cannabis in different forms to ease different aliments.

I have seen first hand the affect cannabis, especially the oil can have on people’s health, I have seen it offer hope where once there was none, which I am humbled and inspired by.  I’ve done radio shows, spoken at events and worked with 100’s of people to help improve their health.  My knowledge of biology, anatomy and physiology has given me the foundation I need to understand how cannabis works in the body and improves failing health.

I moved to Spain in 2016. Where I became a founder member of a compassion club, while making oils, capsules, balms and tinctures for a cannabis social club.  I now work on my own as Sarah Sativa, running a Facebook page Sarah Sativa and group. I’m also an admin for 8 other cannabis Facebook pages.
I live and work in Spain offering people guidance on their cannabis journey. I upload regular blogs (link to blog page) giving advice and information, focusing on medicinal use of cannabis.


I’ve worked with a number of different organizations in the UK. I was the Yorkshire Representative for the UPA, an active member of the NORML Womens Alliance and was also on the board of the National Cannabis Coalition.  I organized events with these organisations 3 in the Yorkshire area. I have also spoken at many more cannabis events across the UK.

I have run workshops about cannabis as a medicine at clubs in Spain. Teaching how to make balms, capsules and suppositories.  I have also taught workshops on making oil, in the UK for groups and individuals.

I have a burning passion when it comes to Cannabis as medicine. I’m learning more every day in this ever growing industry and look forward to each new day to expand my knowledge and pass this on to others.

I have been involved in cannabis as medicine, specializing in treatment for cancer since 2013.
Before this I was actively learning about herbal medicine, reading books, growing herbs and using them to treat different aliments.  I have studied science up to degree level achieving a bachelors of science  with honors in 1999.  I have been a medical user since 1992 and growing for personal use since 2003.


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