Clark French talking about his cannabis journey with Sarah Sativa

Clark French gave a great interview about his cannabis journey. He shared with us how cannabis helps him with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and how much of a difference it makes to his quality of life. We also covered his work as a cannabis activist which start not long after he was diagnosed. Clark gives a great insight into the cannabis community in the UK and some of the great work being done.

Clark is so passionate about cannabis, as it assists him with managing his Multiple sclerosis (MS), take a listen to this show to learn how it eases so many of his symptoms.

Clark has been a very active cannabis activist for a number of years, some of his work includes being Director & Founding Member at United Patients Alliance and Former Founding Member & Medical Director at NORML UK. 


This interview was originally recorded on 10/6/15 on Dark City Radio I no longer work with this group or affiliated in anyway with them.

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